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Articulation Test

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What does this printable contain?

  • This articulation test contains 35 picture cards with 44 target speech sounds-in-words.
  • There is also a scoring page included to record the transcriptions during the assessment.

Which formal test is it based on?

This articulation test is based on the Goldman Fristoe Test of Articulation’s (2) speech sound target words.

Why choose this printable product?

I chose to create my own test based on the Goldman Fristoe, but had to create a test with picture cards that would be easy to identify for my younger clients.
These pictures are real-life and clearly identifiable.

How to use:

Print, laminate, assess and record transcriptions.


Use speech developmental norms after the assessment to determine if errors are age appropriate. Goldman Fristoe Test of Articulation has clear norms for their speech sounds and age of elimination for their phonological processes.
In order to determine which phonological processes are present, you may use this FREEBIE by signing up HERE.
I hope you love your handy resource! I use this daily for my speech assessments, and having labeled numbers and target words, helps to keep me organized.
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