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Articulation Screener

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This articulation screener is the perfect printable to informally assess your child or student’s speech. An articulation screener is used to informally assess a person’s ability to pronounce specific speech sounds. When a parent approaches a speech pathologist, with concerns relating to “my child’s speech is delayed”, or “his/her speech is not very clear”, the first thing a speech pathologist does, is to assess the child’s oral-motor ability, and thereafter complete an informal or formal speech sound assessment.

To those parents, or teachers, who are concerned about their child’s or student’s speech, this articulation screener will give you peace of mind. Through the completion of this screening tool, you are able to identify whether the child presents with any delay, speech errors, or be able to establish an age approximation of their speech sound intelligibility ability.

This articulation screener is designed to help identify speech sound disorders, as well as speech error patterns (phonological processes).

The content of this printable contains:

  • A cover page
  • An instructions page with an age approximation calculator
  • 2 pages with stimulus target words, with initial, medial, and final word positions of each target sound
  • 8 pages with 90 clear, real-life (realistic) pictures make it easy for anyone of any cognitive ability to identify and name the pictures

As an added bonus, I am including the FREEBIES in case you missed it: Speech Sound Development Chart & Phonological Processes Cheat Sheets.

I hope you love it and that this helps you in some way!


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